Code Enforcement

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Goals and Objectives:

To ensure safety of residents and maintain property values of residential and commercial properties.
Consistent enforcement of Township Ordinances.
Preserve the integrity of the town and neighborhood.
Assure that proper building practices are followed in construction as per BOCA Codes.
Ensure that commercial and residential properties are consistent with community standards.

Typical Duties of Code Enforcement Officer:

Issue various permits (i.e. building, sign, logging, occupancy), conduct building inspections, enforce ordinances as directed by the Administration, such as; control of grass and weeds, junk cars, unlicensed and/or uninspected motor vehicles, make decisions on zoning questions, issue citations and appear before the District Justice.


No leaves – No Garbage – No roofing materials – No recyclables

Burner barrel with screen top; Burning between 7:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. Monday through Friday; No burning on Sundays and Holidays; Saturdays until 12:00 Noon only.

Burning Enforcement by  Lycoming Regional Police Department!