Zoning Regulations

As Old Lycoming Township grows and develops, it becomes increasingly important to exercise wide stewardship of our natural and community resources. Various Federal, State and Local Laws are designed for this purpose, as well as, for public health and well being.

Knowing which regulations and permits apply can be very confusing. Please use this guide as a checklist (whether large or small) prior to starting. It’s easier and less costly to identify and prevent problems during planning than to correct them later.

Most types of development or construction activities follow a sequential order of getting approval, starting with environmental regulations and ending with building permits. Please consider the “Steps” listed below. If a particular step doesn’t apply, proceed to the next; feel free to ask questions. We want to work with you and can give you valuable assistance.

STEP 1. Environmental Regulations

Earthmoving – The Pennsylvania Clean Streams Law Act 394 requires anyone disturbing natural ground cover to take certain precautions to prevent soil from washing into Commonwealth streams. It also pertains to the Stormwater Management Ordinance.

Flood Hazard Area – If your property has been classified as flood-prone by the Federal Management Agency and has not met the requirements for floodplain insurance, you may not get a mortgage.

Wetlands – Filling, draining or altering a wetland requires a permit from DEP.

Stream Crossings – Installing a drainage pipe, culvert or bridge requires a permit from DEP.

STEP 2. Sewage Permits

According to the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act 537, no one may alter, construct or install an on-lot sewage system without first obtaining a permit from the Sewage Enforcement Officer who is appointed by the municipality and certified by DEP.

A permit is also needed in order to connect to our public sewer system, which is in various areas of our township.

STEP 3. Highway and Driveway Permits

Old Lycoming Township requires a driveway permit PRIOR to the initiation of construction or alteration of a new or existing driveway or access dirve, including a change of surface, for all drives or access roads intersecting township roads. Additional permits from The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (Penn Dot) are required for Driveways connecting to State Roads.

STEP 4. Zoning Permits

Zoning is the method a community uses to regulate the use of the land and structures. It is basically a blueprint of how a community should be built. Zoning is initiated by the adoption of a Zoning Ordinance designed to protect the public health, safety and welfare and to guide growth. A permit shall be required PRIOR to the erection, construction, addition, alteration or razing of any building or portion thereof, and PRIOR to use or change in use of a building or land.

Work shall commence within 6 months after issuance date or permit and shall be completed within 24 months after issuance date.

Applicant shall notify zoning officer in writing upon completion of activity.

No land shall be occupied or used and no dwelling or portion of and no business use of a building or land shall occur until an occupancy permit has been issued by the zoning officer.

STEP 5. Building Permits

Some people are not aware that it is unlawful for any person or persons to commence work for any building activity until a building permit has been duly issued. Old Lycoming Township is a participant in the BOCA Building Codes. A building permit is required prior to the placement, erection or construction of a building, structure, fence, driveway or swimming pool.


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