Storm Water

IV. NPDES Individual Permit Applications for Stormwater
Discharges from MS4s

Northcentral Regional Office: Regional Clean Water Program Manager, 208 W Third Street Suite 101,

Williamsport, PA 17701-6448, Telephone: 570.327.3636.

PAI134812, MS4, Old Lycoming Township Joint Client, 1951 Green Avenue, Williamsport, PA 17701-1582. The

application is for a new individual NPDES permit for the discharge of stormwater from a regulated municipal

separate storm sewer system (MS4) to waters of the Commonwealth in Old Lycoming Township, Lycoming

County. The receiving stream(s), Mill Creek (TSF, MF), Bottle Run (WWF, MF), Unnamed Tributary to Loyalsock

Creek (TSF, MF), Tules Run (WWF, MF), Bennetts Run (WWF, MF), and Unnamed Tributary to Lycoming Creek

(WWF, MF), is located in State Water Plan watershed 10-A and 10-B and is classified for Migratory Fishes, Warm

Water Fishes, and Trout Stocking, aquatic life, water supply and recreation. The applicant is classified as a small


The Department has made a tentative determination to issue the NPDES permit. Written comments on the

application and draft permit will be accepted for 30 days following publication of this notice. The period for comment

may be extended at the discretion of DEP for one additional 15-day period. You may make an appointment to

review the DEP files on this case by calling the File Review Coordinator at 570-327-3693.

The EPA waiver is in effect for small MS4s, and is not in effect for large MS4s.

Check out the new MS4 Website at the link below:



  • Storm Water Flyer 1.pdf

  • Storm Water Flyer 2.pdf

  • Ordinance 283 Storm Water Management Fee.pdf